World War II Exhibits

In addition to its aircraft collection, the Museum has several exhibits showcasing various artifacts relating to the rich history of WWII aviation.

Barracks Bunks

353rd Fighter Group Barracks

Made possible through the generosity of Ollie & Virgilee Waddell

AN-T-18 Link Trainer

Made possible through the generosity of The Louis H. & David Ingalls Foundation

Barracks Bunks

Aircraft Engines

Barracks Bunks

Norden Bombsight

Aerial Photography

Barracks Bunks
Barracks Bunks

Doolittle Raid

Objects & Artifacts

The Tri-State Warbird Museum collects and preserves other types of WWII and historical warbird artifacts. Some of these are on exhibit, while many more are stored, awaiting research or future display. All artifacts are carefully indexed, photographed, and exhibited or stored.

Do you have a WWII artifact or item that you'd like to donate?