Mission & Vision

Preserve | Honor | Educate

Museum Goals

  • Be recognized as one of the most-admired museums dedicated to military and historic aviation.
  • Honor America’s rich aviation history … acknowledging the ingenuity, commitment, and sacrifice made by the people of the United States, particularly during World War II … a time of unprecedented conflict.
  • Raise awareness of the role of aviation in defending freedom through forums, exhibits, and importantly, by experiencing vintage aircraft come to life through fully restored and operational aircraft.
  • Preserve examples of historic aircraft – These aircraft are invaluable to understanding our history, few in number, and at growing risk of extinction. The Museum will help preserve a segment of these unique contributors to the world’s aviation heritage.


The Tri-State Warbird Museum (TSWM) is a private not for profit organization chartered in the State of Ohio, and is fully qualified as a 501 (c) 3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service . It also has fully tax exempt status by the State as a Museum and Educational Institution.

The museum’s funding needs for land and facility acquisition/development, aircraft acquisition, aircraft project acquisition and restoration, aircraft operating and maintenance expenses, and general museum overhead come from the philanthropic support of the businesses, individuals and foundations.

The entity is qualified by the IRS at the most favorable level/basis and all contributions are fully tax deductible, both at the Federal and State levels.


The museum is in the final stage of our most recent campaign to raise $3 million. The campaign is focused on two key purposes:

  1. Fund critical restoration efforts: support the restoration of the Corsair FG-1D (Ohio built; pre-eminent Pacific Theatre fighter).
  2. Building infrastructure support: ensure the continued viability of our museum and in particular our facilities including capital needs (maintenance and preservation, exhibit development and amortization).

The campaign committee has dedicated time and energy to securing gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations. Without their effort the museum would not exist.

Campaign members are:

  • Joseph Campanella, Chair
  • Steve Carrington
  • Charley Frank
  • Dan Hoffheimer
  • Michael Kinzie
  • Hal Klink
  • David B. O’Maley