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The Museum is a 22,000 square foot facility which provides:

  • An inviting atmosphere to facilitate the restoration and preservation of the aircraft, while maximizing the Museum’s educational mission.
  • An exhibit area for historic artifacts and related items to highlight the history of the Museum’s aircraft.
  • A library of reference books, magazines, videos, films, and other educational materials.
  • Two 100 x 100 foot hangars creating an aircraft display area honoring the role of the aircraft to illustrate the progress of aviation development and to honor the contribution of military aviation.
  • A professional restoration shop to enhance the mission of restoring and preserving original historic aircraft.

    Mission & Vision


    Our Team

    Honored Veterans

    Museum Goals:

    • Be recognized as one of the most-admired museums dedicated to military and historic aviation.
    • Honor America’s rich aviation history … acknowledging the ingenuity, commitment, and sacrifice made by the people of the United States, particularly during World War II … a time of unprecedented conflict.
    • Raise awareness of the role of aviation in defending freedom through forums, exhibits, and importantly, by experiencing vintage aircraft come to life through fully restored and operational aircraft.
    • Preserve examples of historic aircraft – These aircraft are invaluable to understanding our history, few in number, and at growing risk of extinction. The Museum will help preserve a segment of these unique contributors to the world’s aviation heritage.