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"I am so excited that the P-40 received the GRAND CHAMPION WWII Restoration.You and your crew have done a spectacular job on that beautiful warbird. THANK YOU [TSWM] AND ALL WHO BROUGHT IT TO LIFE.

As an annual member since 2007 many memories have been brought back to life from the 1940's as a 7, 8 and 9 year old running out with my buddies whenever planes flew over. There were alot - perhaps from Dayton. We got to the point where we could identify the AT-6, P-51 and others. I have been to the Museum over 100 times and each one is like the first time. These warbirds are in better shape than when they came off the production line. I have been to many warbird displays in the US and none shine like this one. They are mostly static displays, dusty and behind a barrier. The volunteers are great.

Cincinnati Miss is my favorite - what a beauty. I get close to the planes but do not touch - except I do rub a finger along the fuselage of Cinci Miss and after I did it several years ago I heard her say "Ahhh". She is the epitome of the piston engine era. That Merlin engine on a fly-by gives me goose bumps.

Also, excited about the Focke Wulf and I pray it will win at Oshkosh. Can't wait to see it finished.

I describe the Tri-State Warbird Museum as the Michaelangelo of an engineering restoration wonder."

Ron Conradi

Thank you Ron!!

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A historic aviation museum dedicated to remembering those who fought for our freedom, and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

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Super Soarin' Saturdays! KITES! is our next segment. Come learn about kites! Fun, crafts, and learning activities start at 9:30. Best suited for ages 5-11.


Featuring Don Gray retired USAF Personnel Equipment Specialist & John Schell retired USAF Avionics Engineer for the U-2.Don and John will be speaking about the SA-2 missile shoot-down of Gary Powers in a U-2. Parts of it you’ve never heard! Much of what really happened on May 1st, 1960 was classified and then hidden in Russian military archives. Secrets that will be revealed during the lecture!



In accordance with State Orders and CDC recommendations, we ask that all visitors wear masks. This is for the safety of our visitors, staff, and volunteers. We ask that all visitors practice proper social distancing. We also ask that you postpone your visit if you are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms or have been in contact with someone sick within 14 days of your planned visit. Thank you for respecting our guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you!



November 12th, 2019 - Fw 190 First Flight!


Tri-State Warbird Museum Curtiss P-40M restoration wins EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016


photo by Scott Slocum

At the Tri-State Warbird Museum...

The Tri-State Warbird Museum restored airplanes have been seen by about 10 million people since we opened in 2005!!!

Thank you to our Veterans!