Super Soarers

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Super Soarers is the Tri-State Warbird Museum’s high school student volunteer opportunity. Students engage with visitors using hands-on stations, work with staff for Museum educational and public programming, and participate in personal development activities.

Each year, Super Soarers is divided into two sessions—school year and summer.


9/28/24*                 02/01/25

11/02/24                 03/01/25



Super Soarers Program Overview

  • Super Soarers volunteers are specially trained high school students [sophomores – seniors] who present interactive hands-on activities and assist with educational and public programs at the Museum.
  • Applications will only be accepted prior to the Fall Session.
    • Super Soarers applicants will complete an online application.
    • Super Soarers applicants will submit one nonfamilial reference letter.
    • A mandatory training of four hours is required for all selected candidates.  Orientation Training will be held prior to the program’s commencement and Winter Training is held each January.
      • Fall Session Application deadline is 9/20/24.
        • Super Soarers must complete the application process on or by 10/1/24.
          • Attend Orientation Training
          • Submit a Reference [Teacher, Supervisor, Coach ]
          • Submit their Parental Consent Form
    • Super Soarers volunteers will work up to two three-hour shifts per month. During the spring and fall, Super Soarers volunteer shifts take place on Saturdays. Days may vary for summer session.
      • The summer session will be Super Soarers retained from school year.
  • The Super Soarers volunteer program is eligible to receive volunteer service hours.

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Age: All Super Soarers Volunteers must be in 10th, 11th, 12th grade.

Training: All Super Soarers Volunteers must complete four hours of mandatory training.

Dress Code: Super Soarers Volunteers will be required to wear a Super Soarers T-shirt and will be provided ID badges.

Station Shifts: Super Soarers Volunteers will work up to two three-hour shifts per month on-site at the Tri-State Warbird Museum located in Batavia, Ohio. Applicants must be live in the Cincinnati area and have reliable transportation to participate in the Super Soarers program.


  • Super Soarers volunteers will be recognized based on their responsibility, attitude, and leadership.
  • Super Soarers volunteers are also eligible to receive community service hours.
  • Super Soarers volunteers are recognized annually at The Soarin’ Salute.
  • Super Soarers volunteers who are graduating seniors may be eligible for a college scholarship.