Open Cockpit Days FAQs

What time should I get there?

Cockpits are open from 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Who can come to this event?

This event is for the whole family!

Will I be able to climb inside a plane?

Yes!  Children are welcome to climb-in our T-6 and C-45!

Does Open Cockpit Days cost extra?

No, Open Cockpit Days are included in admission.

This event is free for members.

Is this event happening outside?

No, the cockpit climb-ins will be inside our Hangars.

Where do I park?

There will be self-parking at the museum. 

Can I take pictures/video?

Of course! Photography is encouraged. We simply ask that you keep others enjoyment of the event in mind. Additionally, please tag us at #tristatewarbirdmuseum